West Hartford Community Gardens

Please note: Community garden plots are only available to West Hartford Residents, and may only be rented through the Westmoor Park office.


Town of West Hartford 2016 Community Garden Rental Regulations

Download the application form and rules agrement

West Hartford Community Garden plots are available to West Hartford Town Residents ONLY at the following locations:

  • Buena Vista Gardens (BV) on Cornerstone Dr.  (The Gardens are closed for 2016 season)
  • Westmoor Park Gardens (WP) on Flagg Rd.  (The Gardens are closed for 2016 season)
  • Wolcott Park Gardens (WL) on Wolcott Rd.  (The Gardens are closed for 2016 season)

Garden plot rentals are available through the Westmoor Park office only; sub-letting of plots is NOT permitted.   EACH AND EVERY GARDENER including those who share a garden plot, must complete and sign a rental agreement form. Primary Gardeners must include the name, address and phone number of each garden partner on all rental agreements.


  • Full plot: 20’ x 20’= $40.00
  • Half plot: 10’ x 20’= $25.00

Two handicapped-accessible, raised garden plots, located at the Westmoor Gardens on Flagg Road are available for those who may need them.

  • Plot size 4’ x 8’= $6.00

Please note that there is a 2 plot limit per season.

2016 Garden Season at a Glance 

New Gardener registration begins on March 16, 2016 at 9:00am at the Westmoor Park Office

The Gardens are expected to be available for use on or about April 23, 2016

The Garden season ends and plots must be cleaned and cleared by October 31, 2016.