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Westmoor Park is a self funded environmental education center operated by the Leisure Services Department of the Town of West Hartford, encompassing 162 acres.  Our demonstration farm, wildflower meadows, perennial gardens, woodland trails, and ponds are open to the public daily.  
We also offer a wide variety of educational farm and nature programing for folks of all ages, look for our current class listing on this website, or click here to Learn more >> about Westmoor Park.

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April 2015

  Westmoor Park
We welcomed two new miniature donkeys to the farm  at the end of February.  A mother and daughter pair named Olive and Peaches.  Olive is the 12 year old mom with the all black nose and Peaches is her 2 year old daughter with the white nose.  They're still getting settled in to their new surroundings, and making friends quickly with the other animals.

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